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  • The purpose of the Socrates Project is to present the thoughts and arguments of Socrates, as we find them in Plato's early dialogues, in a way which brings together the various methods developed by the Archelogos team. While in Archelogos and LogAnalysis these methods are applied to particular texts, and in Elenchos to an abstract theme, in the Socrates project they will be applied to the thought of an individual philosopher.


    The central aims of the Project are twofold. First, to create a database of the major theses and arguments ascribed to Socrates, along with objections to them considered in the Socratic works, the main theses and arguments of individual dialogues, and the interpretations of Socrates' thought given by different commentators. Secondly, to develop a method of presentation which will display these theses and arguments in such a way as to reveal the relations between them in graphic form. This method of presentation will further develop the insights achieved with Archelogos and with the argument Map of Elenchos The Project will also include:

    A philosophical knowledge-base (based on Gnoseogenesis) containing principal Socratic theses, and enabling the user to derive logical consequences from them. An interactive argumentation game (based on Elenchos) allowing the user to debate Socratic theses with the computer. Essays by Socratic scholars presenting alternative interpretations of Socrates' thought. Extracts from major texts for our understanding of Socrates. A Socratic archive, modelled on the cultural archives of LogAnalysis and Gnoseogenesis, giving information about Socrates' life, the background to his thought, his influence, and different perceptions of him, and containing relevant texts and images.